Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Back.... Sort of

I haven't logged in to these accounts forever, but now that I have, there are going to be some changes going on. I plan to start another blog that concentrates solely on radio. Yep, I said 'radio'. I figured if I'm going to write about anything, it's going to be something I have a lot of fun dealing with. Politics irritates me, especially these days. The weather, ugh, it's Alaska, so I'd rather just stay inside and try to pretend that there isn't any weather. Finance, well, I'd prefer to make money and not write about it. So that leaves only personal topics (off-limits for me) or radio. So there it is. Link to new blog coming soon, once I get things there situated.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Updates to Blog

I haven't posted in forever, but then again I haven't had much to say. When I am able to post to a blog, most of my time has been spent on my finance blog and trading, so this one has suffered. I have no intention of closing this one however, but when something really grinds my gears is about the only time I will likely post here. For now though, check it out, visit the other one, or check out my sponsors too. Thanks and God bless!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wow, it's been forever

Since this is my personal blog and I have been busy with another blog lately, I haven't posted in forever. Looking back in the last month or more I see only two updates and one is now updated as well. I've been spending a great deal of time on my new blog at

Please stop by and check it out!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Rumble, Rumble

Another bloody earthquake here in Fairbanks Alaska. That's the second one in six days. Looks like it's centered about the same place as Saturday morning's quake. Not a big one this time, but scare nonetheless. Here's the info

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New blog

This has been a looooooong time coming, but I've added a new blog to my content. The new blog's focus is solely on investing stocks and Forex with a special emphasis on technical analysis. I don't have a particular strategy on updates, but believe it will be updated more often than this one is. The main idea is to help myself evolve as a trader and hopefully help others improve as well.

The new blog is at:

Friday, May 1, 2009

Maybe I should be like other white people

This post is a first expression of something I feel very strongly about, at least for this blog. I can't understand why there are so few people, especially white people, who care about what goes on in 'the hood'. I regularly read the Time Picayune online in one of America's most troubled cities, New Orleans. Almost daily there are stories about violent murders, mostly young black males. The comments section never ceases to amaze me. The vitriol and lack of compassion, along with blatant racism still astounds me! I have seen it for years and I know it exists, but it still bothers me.

Note to Conservatives: Just because we have a black President does not mean racism is over. It still is not acceptable to say "Get over slavery". It is not okay to lay all the blame on minorities for the struggles in minority communities. I could easily put together a long diatribe about this, which most ignorant folks would still ignore or not understand, but this post it not about that.

This post is about a story I just read.

As a summation of the story, despite the headline saying a 'man' was shot, the event was involving a 14 year old boy. It is not okay for this to happen, not acceptable. Although I am a 'sensitive' guy and perhaps might cry more easily than all you macho types, I do not cry much. This story makes me want to cry though. If this happens just once, that is a major deal to me. Unfortunately, in the past two weeks, I've read about at least 2 children murdered in N.O., and at least 4 or 5 more between 18 and 25 years of age -- all with 'illegal' weapons. The boy above was murdered with one shot from an AK-47.

Unfortunately, I live in one of the most Conservative states in the Union where guns are a sacred right and the general lack of basic comprehension of societal issues is not understood or is not a concern. I see a general, let the criminals kill themselves or let me take a shot at someone if I am ever threatened, type of attitude here. Those people miss the point that the government is not our biggest threat right now. Hunting is not the most important thing you need to protect. I don't disagree with the right to protect one's self, in fact I believe that to be extremely important. The problem is this, if all you focus on is protecting gun rights and never for a minute worry about fixing the crime or drug problems, eventually you will be overwhelmed by the problems of society and all the guns in the world won't protect you from a collapse of civilization.

There are so many things more important than gun rights at the moment, but I'll only list one -- Babies are dying in the streets in every major city in the country. There are miniature wars, that kill more of our people yearly than have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, right here at home. Babies are dying in the street! So why don't white people care? Is it because they're not your babies? A child is a child-- bottom line. Man, I'm done, for now.  :( 

Friday, April 10, 2009


It seems like there is a daily 'mass shooting' these days. Is it that our nation is being torn apart by the very  threads that hold it together? Are we descending into a war where everyone is an army of one free to enact vengeance on whomever may have done us wrong or who might just be standing in the way of our bullets? Is it the economy? Or is it just that the media has picked a trend that has been occurring for awhile now and begun to bring it to the attention of the masses much more regularly? I can't answer any of those questions definitively, but I do know one thing. These acts of cowardice anger me.  I mean seriously, what in the bloody hell is wrong with people?

I'll tell you one reason, cowardice, plain and simple.Poor little Billy got picked on and never had the guts to speak up before or some girl decided she was done with him and suddenly it is okay to slaughter anyone within shooting range.  Seriously, how WEAK does one have to be to even begin to think that is a way to 'get back' at someone. Really?

To anyone who is thinking of shooting up a school, or a mall, or even a government building, I say this -- do the strong thing and cock that pistol or that shotgun or that automatic weapon and slowly, carefully raise it to your own brain and pull the trigger. It's not as messy to clean up one body, and other people, who often have nothing to do with your situation can continue to live a productive life. Better yet, get some counselling or some drugs to help your psychosis. I'm angry, but I'm not heartless. I think you too should be able to be a happy, productive citizen. Yes, I do. I don't think you should be miserable. I don't think people who might have hurt you should die though. See when you commit these weak acts, guess what? You lose! The hard thing to do is almost always the best thing to do. Is it easy to pull a trigger? Yes. That is precisely why you shouldn't do it, because in the grand scheme of things, you lose by killing. If you persevere and triumph, those coming against you lose. If you want vengeance, be strong and triumph, not by killing, but by showing everyone you are worth something and not just a WEAK coward.

As for killing innocents, seriously, army of one, that is inexcusable. You should pull the trigger on yourself long before you kill innocents. That's bottom line, no honor in killing anyone, especially innocent people who are minding their own business. Get over yourselves and stop being so WEAK.

The big problem with these assaults is that it masks the real problems in our society. I guess, besides the obvious anger caused by these brutal acts, my biggest problem is that we have for a long time been at war in this country. Ask anyone in the slums of New Orleans, Detroit, D.C., L.A., or any city from small size all the way up to the largest cities. This war is rooted in drugs, historical discrimination (no matter to what extent it may exist now, the legacy exists), and poverty. We have death tolls rivalling Baghdad in some cities and that is a city that is a legitimate war zone and there seems to be no attempt to change it over a period of decades.  So we have systemic problems, which I might cover some time in the future, but for now, I'm running out of time and have to cut this short.

So simply put--- STOP THE SHOOTING!

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