Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog therapy

It has been an extremely long time since a new entry. I don't think I have any real followers anyway, but nonetheless, this blog shouldn't have gotten to this state. I'm posting via email, so hopefully this won't look to horribly formatted. If so I guess I'll fix it when I have time.

Time, time, time. There really hasn't been much time lately. As usual there is family to take care of. That's a given and I accept that. I've also been plodding along in my forex travels. Unfortunately, that's not going well overall. I have been hanging in there and still showing promise, but still am missing some important keys to profitability and longevity in the industry. I had another temporary meltdown yesterday, so I'm recovering from that and trying to focus on moving forward. Still, I've halted trading for a few days. I plan to read, read, and read some more over the next few weeks. I may not trade until I've practiced some more and finished my course work. I've realized over the past several months, that I'm expecting success, but have yet to put in all the required work. I mean I didn't get started in my current career without a lot of hard work, why would forex be different? So cheers to hard work! I'm on it!

I'll try to blog more when I have time. It's a good distraction and therapy anyways. If I'm blogging, I'm not losing any money in trading. Also, I'm twittering. I'm not really sure why, but my plan would be for trade entries and exits at some point. I have some from the meltdown already up there, for future posterity and "look how far I've come" type stuff. Anyways, off to lunch!

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