Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amazon Honor System

I just wanted to post a quick rant about Amazon Honor System and customer service. I just got on the phone with them after finding two transactions where they withdrew money from my account, without my permission. I opened the account, which was supposed to be free and they charged my account to verify it is valid. Now Paypal does the same thing, sort of, when you verify and that's just fine. They actually make very small deposits into your account though and they let you know in advance. The problem I have is that there was no advance warning, and that is what irks me. You should always let someone know upfront before you even think about withdrawing any money from them.

Customer service was sort of okay. I could tell he was reading from a script. Then he asked me for my credit card number, which they have in the system already, since they took money from me. I refused about three or four times, because he kept going back to his damn script and asking me three or four times. The only good thing is I think he asked someone for help and they came up with the real answer. This is normal and I will be seeing those verification withdrawals reversed.

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