Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Expand the death penalty

In an editorial article today in the New York Times, the author espoused the recent national trend against the death penalty. In a country full of crime, this is a horrible idea. The article also railed against Texas, which is currently bucking that trend. I say Texas is right, not only should the death penalty continue, it should be expanded. Animalistic people should be put down like animals. That's my black and white perspective. Animals who are vicious and dangerous are euthanized. Do the right thing and protect the innocent, law-abiding citizens by executing dangerous animal-like humans. Don't slap us in the face by forcing us to pay for these denigrates to live. These are the same denigrates who have victimized us before and if let free would do it again. Expand the death penalty!

For your further perusal, I've gathered a couple examples of Texas's finest--

Segundo, Juan

This guy raped a woman and tried to strangle her 11-year-old daughter to death. DNA established his guilt 20 years after the crime.

Whitaker, Thomas

This guy murdered two people and attempted to murder another for a million dollars.

Ramey, Ker'sean

This guy executed three people.

I purposely picked three people of different races to profile, but there is an unfortunate racial disparity. Whites made up almost 30%, blacks almost 41%, and Hispanic 28%. This isn't unusual simply because the judicial system is already full of racial inequality. By expanding the death penalty, by offense, these issues should work themselves out simply because the action that a person commits has no racial discrimination. The criminal either did it or didn't do it, plain and simple. I doubt the legal system would ever be equal, so the racial argument would still remain, but at least it would be levelled out by being applied more fairly.

Also, for those who haven't come here from the Times, my response to that article is below.

I can say I agree with this article to a certain extent, only that innocent people should not be condemned to death. I am for capital punishment, if and only if the person is a danger to society. If innocent people can be hurt by another person acting like an animal, then the guilty person should be put down like an animal. With such a liberal audience, I doubt I would find many in agreement with me, but that is my stance.

People who are dangerous should not be warehoused, they should be disposed of so that they are no longer a danger to others. Capital punishment should not be used as a punishment or a deterrent, only to put down animals in the same way that a vicious dog is euthanized, so should vicious people be.

As long as no innocent people die, Texas is doing a great job! With increased forensic science, it is even easier to prove someone's guilt, as well as innocence. In that vein, more states should be working towards efficiency such as Texas. It's not about an eye for an eye as some on the religious right might think. It's not about a deterrent. It's simply the most cost-effective way to protect the public, by killing instead of supporting dangerous animals. Murderers, domestic abusers, molesters, and maybe even the worst of the worst drug dealers should be executed! Then maybe crime might drop overall, but at least violent crime would drop.

All info above, including pics, are courtesy of the Texas Department of Corrections,


Anonymous said...

You wrote, "As long as no innocent people die, Texas is doing a great job!" I have lived in Texas since 1980 and you should know that the state does not make much of an effort to ensure that it is convicting the right person. If a defendant's lawyer falls asleep during the trial (true story), his client still gets the needle, and many other lapses of due process are common. Texans are OK with this -- we think that the benefit of having many death penalties is worth the downside risk that some innocent people will be executed by mistake.

Therealisttruest (aka RealTrue) said...

I thought about the "collateral damage" argument, but didn't address it that well. I know that some innocent people will die, and that is a problem. I guess if by executing dangerous people we can limit those victims of violent crime, then the good may outweigh the bad.

To me though, there would need to be some higher standard. The examples you cited really wouldn't be acceptable to me, especially if it's a loved one or friend. Meeting death row abolishinists in the middle, if we had undisputable evidence then we should execute. The guy above with DNA evidence, or someone on video, good witnesses even, something that can't be questioned as proof(at least reasonably) should be good enough.

But in the end, innocent people probably will die, but a lot less than what the criminals have caused to happen. So if Texas is happy, why should any other state disagree with them?

Anonymous said...

How can you possibly justify murder with murder? In a modern society the death penalty should be abolished. The truth of the matter is that the majority of inmates on death row didn`t have a fair trial because of the defect legal/court system. We all know that innocent people are getting convicted and murdered becuase they cant afford the legal help they need. And just out of curiousty - have you had the chance to read the 3 convicts case-files? Since you are using them as examples when you are speaking your opinion. Do you even know if they had a fair trial? Maby you should take a look at statistics - when the legal system no longer offer justice and protection but lawyers that are falling asleep during trial something is terribly wrong. Abolish the death penalty and free Ker`Sean!

Ji-Young Choi said...

Hey I am a German Korean 29 year old female and i just watched a documentary about death row. The movie left me very shocked and I started googling death penalty. What I have found so far made me cry. I can't even find the right words for how shocked I am. I mean who gives humans the right to play god?? This is insane!!! We do not have the right to judge over another persons life no matter what that person did. I am clearly aware of the crimes that those inmates comitted and there is no way of expressing how cruel and dark those actions are 'but' it still doesn't justify death row. If you look at this list you can see people that are as young as 19 that are going to be executed. How sick is this?? I believe that people can change, maybe not everybody but I believe that even murderers deserve chance to change and obviously nobody is born as a cold blooded killer!! Sometimes life just does things to people. 'Pain, fustration, hurt, anger, fear' can do things to a person that 'regular' people like you and me might not understand. Sometimes things get crazy and you loose yourself and you do something that is horrible and wrong like taking another persons life. Imagine growing up with no steady home maybe no parents or abusive parents, no love, emptiness in an destructive enviroment full of destruction poverty and hopelessness. If you are sensitive, weak, vunerable, emotionally and phisycally abused. If you have never learned and never been taught how to be 'normal' it can mess you up and turn u into a monster. You loose yourself. I mean you can not justify a murder with this explanation. There are millions of people out there that have been through hell and back and they still function and don't go killing people and it is not an excuse to go kill or rape somebody but I can at least understand why and how somebody could do such a thing. No doubt that those people need to be punished and taken out of society as they are a threat, but killing them is just as wrong and sick and cruel ( I mean those folks are sick but the governemnt?? what's their excuse???).
They will be faithing trial after death anyways. I am sure that some of those people are mentally ill and there might be no help for them but 'still', executing -killing another human being is freaking wrong!!
This might sound naiv and totally stupid but I believe that the only way to help those 'lost souls' is to try to believe that they could be better and show them love by helping them ( well it might be a lil difficult to help a mentally ill 60 year old psychopat but that lost 19 year old boy that made a huge fatal mistake?) . I know that this is almost impossible in reality and more of a dream but ain't that sad. Imagine the killer is your brother or father or cousin, would u want them to die?? Americans are christians god fearing people, what happened to god in this matter? Does the bible say to kill or to love your brother and sister unconditionally?
No, I am not some christian fanatic but I do believe in love and god.
I don't know why I am so shocked, I knew that there was death penalty but seing pictures of people as young as 19 that sit in a cell waiting to die I just can't understand. It makes me sick...

Realist vs Idealist

Just because it's real it's not right!!

Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or star.


Ji-Young Choi

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