Sunday, December 9, 2007

More mayor's stealing

I am stunned that this is legal - ' ML&P gave $230,000 to charity in '06, over half of city's gifts'

For those that don't know, ML&P is the city of Anchorage Alaska's power company. In Anchorage there are two, ML&P and Chugach(CEA for short). When I was there we had Chugach. If they had given tax payer money to charity I would have been less outraged because as a private company they have that right. As a tax-payer group that is present to provide power they have no right to run charity programs that do not have anything to do with electricity. If they give breaks to poor folks on their utility bills or help them improve heating in their home that is energy efficient, I can see the merit in that. Giving money away, or buying fund raising dinners is ridiculous. That's the type of BS you get in a Dem run city though. There is absolutely no problem with them stealing money and redistributing it without permission. I am offended by this, but thankfully I don't have to put up with Anchorage stealing my money that way, since I've moved more into the wilderness of the Interior. But still this is almost unbelievable!


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