Monday, February 25, 2008

Obama Osama?

The picture says it all doesn't it? Vote for Osama so he can help his Muslim friends destroy the country. Oops did I say Osama, I meant Obama Osama. But wait just one second, what the hell is going on in this Democratic campaign?

Let's break down the truth first of all. Barack Hussein Obama is not a terrorist, right? This piece is for the truly ignorant out there. No he is not a terrorist. He's not Muslim either. In fact he is a Christian. No that picture is not a fake, but it's not him getting suited up in a suicide bomb belt either. He was presented with this outfit in a visit to Kenya a few years ago. It is basically a sign of respect to accept this apparel as gift from fellow dignitaries. He is in fact partly of Kenyan decent, as his father, a non-practicing Muslim is from Kenya. I don't remember what his mother is, ethnically speaking, but I do know she is a Christian as well.

What I don't understand is a Democratic campaign that is so dirty and desperate as Hillary Clinton's. I might expect this from the Republican side, destroying a Democratic foe, but for someone supposedly on the same side, this is crazy. This just goes to show what Hillary Clinton will do to win. It also goes to show how stupid her campaign thinks we are. I for one am a bit smarter than that, being that I have a college ejukatiun and all. I just really hope the folks in my home state of Ohio aren't that stupid. I hope the people in Texas aren't that stupid. If the Democrats of America have any intelligence at all (which I might question still regardless of the outcome) this will backfire on the Clinton camp and be seen as one of the dirtiest, stupidest campaign blunders ever. Go Obama! Beat Hillary! Then we'll see who's the better candidate Obama or McCain.


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