Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well the week is almost over and what have I got done. Ummm, yes that's right-- nothing really. My ToDo list is getting so long I might never catch up. I'm concentrating on making my time management skills better, but thus far still no extra time to be found. I've always been a procrastinator though, so that is no surprise. I came to the revelation quite some time ago that if I ever want to accomplish anything in my life that I'll absolutely have to conquer this time management challenge.

I think I suffer a bit from SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder, I think). SAD is something people in the higher latitudes deal with in the winters, from the lack of natural sunlight. I have never liked winter, but since moving to Alaska over 5 years ago I have noticed the change in energy levels and mood from about November through March. I am really tired much of the time and just want to sleep. Oh wait, convenient isn't it, it's bedtime now and I'm overdue. Let me know via comments if you'd like to know more about SAD and I'll do some research and put together something for you all.


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Your struggles with SAD reminded me of an artist who also struggled with SAD. Eva Cassidy is far and away my most favorite singer. Try it:

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