Saturday, February 2, 2008

Trade King review part deux

I called TradeKing again yesterday and couldn't get the help I wanted from them. Evidently my problem was 'investigated'. They showed my bank as having rejected outgoing transfers. I had verified with my bank the day before that this was not an issue, so TradeKing appears to be at least partially wrong for it. They did however give me some more background info on the issue, allowing me to pin down another error on my part. It seems I had the wrong account info or at least not all the info needed (I was short 4 numbers).

So I'm trying one last time to make this work. I'll know at the end of next week for sure, but if this doesn't work I'm closing my account with TradeKing. Even though they helped me some, they were not as helpful as they should have been. I think this shows some weakness in their support department. I'm a freakin' computer programmer, so I can handle tech support issues, and I do understand what people go through at a call center. I also know a disorganized group when I see one and that is a somewhat disorganized group. So I'm not going to say they are a worthless company. I don't think that at all. I just think they have a few kinks to work out. Had that been my bank on the other end, I would have had everything figured out from day one, not having talked to so many people and having to put the puzzle pieces together myself. So one more chance...... if they screw it up you all will know it.

EDIT --added links to other parts
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Anonymous said...

Hello my name is David Dusseault and I am the Director of Brokerage Operations at TradeKing. I saw your blog posting about your experience at TradeKing and was hoping I could help resolve this issue.
If you set an ACH profile up at TradeKing with bad info, the only people who can delete it would be TradeKing or our clearing firm Legent Clearing. From what I can get out of your blog, it sounds like you tried to create and ACH profile on two seperate occasions, and both times the account numbers or some part of the profile was not entered correctly. The inforamtion must be 100% accurate in order for the ACH link to work.
You mention that you called your other firm to ask if there had been communication from TradeKing, and there was none. Yes, that could be the case being that the ACH profile was not created correctly. If the other bank rejects an ACH profile for something like a bad account number, they notify us, and we then send an email to notify you. I would be happy to research this further if you want to contact me directly.
Dave Dusseault
Brokerage Operations Director

Therealisttruest (aka RealTrue) said...

Thank you for your offer to help clear this issue up. Unfortunately, patience was probably the best aid to the problem. I'll post the results up here in a separate post to the rest of my readers to elaborate. I will contact you via the email you posted if there are any further issues though.

thanks again,

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