Sunday, September 23, 2007

What do you think the Iranian President will say at Columbia?

Does anyone else out there think that President Ahmadinejad (wow that is not so easy to spell) is going to be a coward when he speaks at Columbia U? Seriously, does anyone think he will actually say 'Death to America' or 'Death to Israel' when he is in the U.S. ? I don't think so, as I have seen his rhetorical web-weaving when confronted on Holocaust denial and other such things. Do we hate America? , no he' ll say only the policies of the current government. Meanwhile back in Tehran he would be leading the chants of 'death to america'. I mean seriously, I think we should let him go ahead and visit the WTC site too, only without security. Then let the Good People of New York show him some American hospitality. Anyways, just my thoughts on the subject....


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