Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Iranian prez is an idiot

So there are no homosexuals in Iran, really? Well that is what the president of Iran said at Columbia U. Yeah, about that.... Anyways, what's worse is that as stupid as he sounded, Bollinger from Columbia sounded more stupid. By berating the leader of a sovereign nation, Bollinger, came off as arrogant and ignorant. So instead of accomplishing anything, hoping to put the Iranian president in check, he made Americans look like rude pigs. Then the American delegation leaves right before Mahmoud A's speech at the UN, because like little children, we aren't talking to Iran.

Does anyone else see why we are losing respect in the world? Despite the strongest military in the world, we can't defeat a bunch of disorganized terrorists in the middle of the desert. We have a little imp in North Korea that is constantly spitting at us, and then we have this other troll in the Middle East that is helping a bunch of disorganized terrorists fight us, but we can't solve that issue either. Seriously, please let's end the politics and fight this war! The only way to not lose it to win. The only way to win is to kick some a##.


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