Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogging from the top of the world

See my previous post for a brief explanation of the situation, but here I am posting another brief note letting anyone else know what's going on. I am almost literally at the top of the world in the subarctic city of Fairbanks Alaska. So amongst my other rants you can expect to see a few about the weather here. Right now its about 0 degrees F and falling and it's still only fall. So for those who don't know, it's going to get much colder and much darker soon, possibly down to 50 or 60 below. I almost can't wait to rant about it, but it's still "warm" for now so I'll hold off. Anyways, this is just a short update. I'm set up here now, so hopefully I'll post a bit more often and put some more interesting stuff up here.


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