Monday, November 5, 2007

Pakistan in deep trouble

Well it looks like the American War on Terror is on the verge of having a major setback. This article gives a basic breakdown of the situation. As everyone knows, Pakistan is a major source of Islamic extremism. Not only do they have their own problems with the folks in Kashmir and elsewhere, but when the U.S. invaded Afganistan, many of those extremists (including Usama Bin Laden) migrated to the Pakistani side of the shared border. Now Musharraf thinks that cracking down on the nation is going to help curb extremism. I seriously doubt attempting to crack down on a bunch of lawless extremists is going to actually check those extremists. In reality it's tantamount to disturbing a hornet's nest. The only way Musharraf wins against the extremists is to crack down in the worst way, which is to pull all the troops into a genocidal massacre mode, which of course will turn the world and probably the rest of his own people against him. Well I don't know how he held on this long, but if he doesn't die in a bloody coup someday I would be surprised.


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