Thursday, November 29, 2007

Help ... a little

It occurred to me as I was reading an article yesterday, that I have a donate button on this blog, but I have never asked anyone to donate. Let me explain my situation really quickly first.

I am a father of 3 young girls (one is 2, one is 5, and the other would be 4). It's a long story I may one day share here regarding my other little one, but for now I'll let it be. On with the brief explanation-- I recently lost my job, then we had to relocate almost 400 miles from where my family lived in our first home. So it's been really rough lately. I've been short two main things, time and cash.

My intent was to start this blog to sort of share with the world and perhaps meet people who think somewhat like I do, or if they disagree can carry on a civil debate. Yeah, I did plan on making some money with ad space too, like I said I got a family to feed. Unfortunately, this all takes time to develop and time is something I've been short of.

So this whole project is unfortunately behind schedule and I hope there is someone who can help me out. So here is my proposal to anyone who is willing to help someone out. Comment on this blog post, letting me know any tips you may have for a successful blog. Anything you think might help this blog out, please contribute and let me know what I can do to make this more interesting. That would be most valuable! If you are able and willing, feel free to click on the Donate button while you're here. This will be the only time I'll ask, but the button will remain for the foreseeable life of this blog.

Thanks a whole bunch!


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