Saturday, December 1, 2007

Go Bucks!

Okay, normally I won't do sports posts at all, but I just have to support my team and represent! After blowing a game to Illinois a few weeks back, Ohio State football is on the edge of getting back into the national title game this year after last year's debacle against Florida. If Missouri loses to Oklahoma for the second time this year, or West Virginia loses to rival Pitt, then OSU will be back in. I'm not the kind of person who will literally pray for a sports victory, so let's just say I'm hoping really hard. I think the greatest chance is for Missouri to lose to Oklahoma, since Pitt sucks and WVU is a pretty good team. Anyways, I won't ramble long about sports... but I just had to say GO BUCKS!

Looks like they made it! LSU is going to be pretty tough though. Oh well, hopefully OSU will win, but if they don't it's still better to be runner-up two years in a row than to not get a chance to play at all.


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