Monday, December 3, 2007

Still busy, busy

Well for those of you following this blog ( well okay no one is yet.. but still), I'm very busy and almost think sometimes I might have a nervous breakdown. I'm trying to sell my house, before I can rent a place to actually live and it's not going too well yet. I've moved almost 400 miles from my home and my family and I are staying with relatives until our home does sell. Damn the mortgage crisis! The sad part is that my region is not so affected by the financial aspects or falling prices. The idiots in the rest of the country are scaring the folks in this market though. So because of hype I'm stuck in one room with 3 other people (who I love dearly by the way). Being stuck in one room with any relative, friend, or even enemy still sucks much the same. It's very stressful to say the least. Anyways, one of those wonderful folks just came back... so I'm gonna run. If you stumble across this, please take a look at the other recent posts to get more entertaining (or not) info.


Anonymous said...

I tripped over your comment on Poor Mouth... i've been at this game (blogging) for a year now and contact has only just started picking up. My wife started blog about three weeks ago and is up to her eyes in chums. But she has gone the Photo Hunt route.
My sympathy regarding your probs. It is lucky you have family to turn to.
I have been through some strange times also.
I agree with your piece about child molesters.
I'll keep in touch, if I may.

Anonymous said...

Hi RealTrue,

I came by here via the posts you left there.

A little advice: make your blog a little less advertising (or at least less obtrusive) and give a little more information in your posts. You are a little vague, and it is very difficult - even after reading several of your entries - to tell who you are, what you do and why I should care about you. I mean you sound like a nice enough guy, but you are too vague.

Give me something I can bite into. It is not often I read about someone in Alaska. Make me want to move there (or never go there), but make me feel something besides irritated by google ads.

Therealisttruest (aka RealTrue) said...

Well I would respond to you both, separately, but it appears I can't actually do that the way I would like. So thanks for stopping by!

For 'Anonymous', thanks for the tips. Any advice I can get is appreciated. I am still sort of in flux regarding both layout and content. The layout definitely needs some work still, especially the ad up top, since there is supposed to be an image above that ad which is a good picture of Alaska. Unfortunately, its on my main PC, which is in storage. Hopefully soon I'll move the layout around and fix that and other issues. I still haven't decided on content either. At first my intent was to make it almost purely political, but obviously I haven't kept to that so much. I guess if I'm going to get personal I need to go the rest of the way.. and be less vague. I'll definitely ponder your tips.

Aileni, please do stop by again. I'll check your blog out today as well( or blogs as it were). Haha, I have a feeling my wife's blog would probably be more popular than mine as well. She doesn't have hers public though, it's invitation only.

Mimi said...

Too bad your house isn't in Ventura, Cal., where my daughter lives. She can afford a 400,000 house, but csn't find ANYTHING for that price except in bad neighborhoods. Forget a single home; the only thing she saw for that price was a two bedroom, ONE BATH condo--and she's a teacher (unmarried) with ten years experience.
You're welcome to look into my blog, although it's pretty boring.

Therealisttruest (aka RealTrue) said...

Thanks Mimi for stopping by. I wonder what my house would be worth if it were in California? Right now it's actually just over 200K, but there are brand new condos that go for about that price. People would rather have the brand new home than a 20 year old one. Oh well, we've decided to rent it out. We don't really have much choice at this point.

Well I stopped by your blog earlier. It's not boring at all. I am not sure if I can be that open, sharing my life so much with complete strangers. As I mentioned above, I'm still kind of wavering on content, whether I'll share a lot or keep it 'strictly business' so to speak. Anyways, I'll try to stop by again sometime and leave a quick 'hello'.

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