Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A bit of Alaskana.... cold

Taking a bit of advice from a recent comment I received, I'm going to throw in a bit of Alaskana, with a weather report. I've done this before, but today's rant is about the cold. It's still warm, by Interior Alaska standards at -8 F. It's forecast to drop to about -25 F tonight. It gets much worse this time of the year and we can expect within the next month or less(basically any day now) to reach -40 (F or C doesn't mattter, this is the only place on the thermometer that the two scales meet) or even much colder. As I speak, it is almost -30 in Northway, Alaska, a small town near the Canadian border. I have not been in Alaska that incredibly long and the Interior even less, so I've only seen it reach that temperature a couple times the one winter I was here before. I'm told that winter was not that bad, so I expect worse. I hate cold weather! I am so living in the wrong place!

Well that is all for now, but I will post more about the Last Frontier, including weather, lifestyle, politics, and other Alaska specific topics.


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