Monday, December 17, 2007

Working on it....

Any of you that might have been here recently may notice that the layout is changing. In reality it is only starting to change. I originally downloaded a template from somewhere and had slowly begun to change the layout. Well I finally began to get really tired of that layout and am working on customizing it a lot more. Obviously the color scheme has changed, look for that to continue, but also there will be additions to the content as well. My posts might be a bit less frequent for a few days as I spend more time customizing everything, so keep checking back or perhaps leave comments as I will be keeping an eye on them and commenting back and forth with you all.


John said...

Is there an easy way to change templates? I've just begun a blog and am wondering about this?

Therealisttruest (aka RealTrue) said...


I started a response that sprawled into a post. Therefore take a look at my post entitled 'Changing Blogger Templates'

It contains some general info to get you started. Originally I started with a template I downloaded, but at this point I've made so many changes to the code and plan to make more that I'm pretty much knee deep in the mud. Check out my post and if you want more info, you should probably learn some HTML if you don't know any yet. Feel free to ask me any questions as well, even though some of this is still new to me as well.

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