Saturday, December 15, 2007

RIP Lance Titus

It's been about 10 years since I left and never turned back, but sometimes in this internet age I like to sort of take a peek from afar. Death sucks, there's really no way else to say it. Unfortunately a couple days ago I found out that a guy I knew in high school died tragically about a year ago.

Neither one of us was what anyone would call popular back then. We used to hang out in the same circles sometimes and I remember going to his Father's store a few times as a teenager. He was indeed a unique person and that would be a good thing. I remember him being a funny person, laughing a lot, having a good time.

I didn't know him that well, really was just acquainted with him more than anything. I couldn't say anything bad about Lance though. It was a long time ago, but I do remember him being sort of anti-society, meaning he went against the grain and did his thing instead of what the rest of the world did. That's an admirable quality, especially in these days when you are expected to follow the flock, so to speak. Lance never really seemed to blend in, nor did he seem to want to. Again I think that's admirable. Even though I didn't know him well, I do know that the world needs more people like him and that we all suffer from his loss.

RIP Lance


sovay said...

I enjoyed reading your comments on Lance. Your description seemed to be very accurate. Thanks for taking the time to honor his memory.

Vikki, Mom to Lance
3-9-79 to 10-26-06

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