Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oil or not?

I was just reading the comments over at Anchorage Daily News to a story they just ran and this fueled my rant for the day. Alaska's lifeblood is oil, plain and simple. For some, there is an absolute hatred of the oil companies. I can understand hating greedy corporations who exploit people, but these people have the gall to tell these companies to leave. To me this is just preposterous! Without these oil companies, Alaska is nothing more than a tourist state. I don't know about anyone else, but tourism isn't known to be the best paying business, unless you own the business. I guess it's the same with oil, unless you own the business you really aren't living the high life. I will tell you that it pays pretty good anyways. So for all those people who want the oil companies to go away, please do all of us who want to have a decent standard of living in this state a great service and get out! Bitter people are just angry because they have failed to live up to their own expectations, living in a trailer, driving a crappy pickup truck.... Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Your little hippie party in Alaska should be over. The people back in the real world are tired of funding your vacation from reality and responsibility.
Quit whining, pack up your trash, and move to where the jobs are. I'm tired of subsidizing you.

Therealisttruest (aka RealTrue) said...

Ummm, okay! That's quite a virulent post. Instead of battling with you perhaps I'll just point out a couple things. By the way, I'm from "the real world", I live here because my wife had gotten stationed here helping to defend our great country.
Now we can't afford to move back, yet.

As for subsidizing my lifestyle, I really doubt that. The amount of money wasted on places like where you live is nothing compared to what we get up here. Our "bridges to nowhere" would have been built long ago had we been somewhere like Florida where causeways and really long bridges are normal parts of the infrastructure. Oh and I work my @%% off to survive, just like you.

Perhaps you would feel better if all Alaskan residents did just leave. Then you could subsidize the Saudis at least 20% more, that's about what we contribute to oil output used by the US currently. That's a great idea!

If you've never been to Alaska and don't know anything about it, please don't come back up here ranting and raving about things you know nothing about. People like you irritate me.

Alaskan Princess said...

You are correct, Therealisttruest. Oil is the lifeblood of Alaska. It pays more than 80% of the state's budget. Without the oil companies' investment, Alaska would be an undesirable place to live for most people.

My husband works for an oil company on the north slope. He is not upper management, nor does he have a degree. Yet, he made over $120,000.00 in 2007, and that's working half the year (on a 2 week on/2 week off schedule). We have a beautiful home on 10 acres in a nice area with a view of Denali. We drive new SUV's, we have a R.V., two 4-wheelers, a nice cabin cruiser and vacation in warm climates often. Thanks to Alaska's natural resources, the oil industry and my husband's excellent work ethic, I live like a princess. I never do without... and I am more thankful than written words can express.

Thank you for giving me a platform to express my gratitude.

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