Monday, January 28, 2008

Ho hum...

I hate winter! It's not so cold now, but Fairbanks Alaska is dark in the winters. I'm tired, sort of grumpy, and totally unmotivated(not even sure that's a word). There's a lot on my list of things to do, but honestly if I had one choice of something to do it would be sleeping. I would sleep twelve hours a day, wake up and eat and then take a 3 or 4 hour nap a couple hours later. Well, this is an attempt to make sure I post more regularly. Lately, I've been stressed by finances and now I'm just plain tired... So many things to do, just need to get motivated to do them. Anyways, for those in arctic climates, or just really far north, hold on just a few more months with me, spring is only a little bit away.


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