Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well the last couple weeks have sucked a lot. We moved into a place, which was great, but a lot of work to get that done. Now that we are moved in, we're broke. I'm riding the bus, which I've never really done before. The ride isn't bad, but standing in below zero weather and waiting for the bus is horrible. In the next couple days it's supposed to be -40, and I don't know how I'll hold out doing that.

Money is the biggest problem right now though. We're waiting on someone to rent our home down south, meanwhile paying all those bills as well as the bills at our new location. We're eating off credit and if no one rents the home and takes care of our other things down south we're majorly screwed.

On top of it all, nearly everything else that might make money is so slow it's unbelievable. This blog has almost been dropped because I don't have time and not many folks come by anyways, even when I did put time into it. So it's not for lack of effort, but then I do realize content isn't usually very compelling. When things get straightened out I'll fix that, probably move to my own domain too.

And then there's the stock market, jeesh. I mean I don't have much in it, but if it could make some profit that would be real helpful right now. Okay, seriously I got like $50 bucks on a couple stocks, outside of retirement which I won't touch(and that's not going great either). Still those two stocks aren't moving more than a couple pennies at best. Well it's been an interesting experiment nonetheless. I don't have much time for experiments though, I'm nearing desperation. We only need to make it through January and February then we'll be fine.

Until then pray for me and my family or donate at the button to the right(yeah right, no one's done that either, thanks anyways though).

Till next time,


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